Expert Legal Protection

Because of the experience working as inventors-engineers we are able to communicate with our clients as inventors and not just as lawyers. Many of the members of the firm have been awarded multiple patents, and understand  the process as both council and inventor. Our major goal with your invention is to patent the basic design conceived by the inventor and to try and cover minor and major variations of the invention that a competitor may use to undermine your invention.

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Buhler Associates Patenting was founded to provide a bridge from inventors to patents. Unlike many Patent Law Firms the majority of associates worked as engineers for many years prior to practicing patent law. We 
specialize in Mechanical, Electrical, process and Software patents. We also offer copyright, trademark, and most other intellectual property legal services.

Wide Range of IP Services

Our Corona based Inland Empire law firm's Intellectual Property services include:

• Patentability Searches
• Patent Writing
• Patent Prosecution
• Direct Referral to Development  Assistance